Who exactly do you contact when you need help? Who is behind those emails to you? That would be us, the secretariat! Get to know us, we’re always looking for new friends!


Sylvia Li
Hello! I’m Sylvia Li and I’m one of your co-presidents this year! I’m a senior and I’ve been in MUN since 8th grade, and although at the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I’ve grown fond of this club and all the people I’ve become friends with. I joined (and stayed) in MUN because of my curiosity towards discussions of the world and global issues, despite the fact that my public speaking skills may not have been the best. MUN has pushed me to improve myself, whether self-confidence related, or creating strong rebuttal arguments in under 30 seconds, and I truly believe the time and effort put into this club is worth it. Outside of MUN, I’m a part of yearbook, the color guard and I love sewing and doing all sorts of crafts.


Dylan Yang
Hi! My name is Dylan Yang, and I’m looking forward to serving as your co-President this year! After starting MUN in eighth grade, I joined MVMUN as a freshman, and I’ve never had any regrets since. I’ve learned about all the things I originally signed up for — speaking, debating, and even shouting — but I’ve also learned and grown with many other skills. MUN has pushed me to be a better negotiator and a better leader, but most of all it’s pushed me to be a better community member. This year, I’d love to welcome you to the MVMUN community, just as previous generations of delegates welcomed me. So if you ever see me around campus, or just want to chat, don’t be afraid to say hi!

Vice President

Janelle Cai
Hello! I’m Janelle Cai, and I will be your vice president this year! I’m currently a junior, and I’ve been doing MUN since I was in 7th grade. Being in Model UN is an amazing experience. Through Model UN, I’ve gotten a better understanding of many topics and issues in our world today, and it has also taught me so many life long skills, such as communication, negotiation, leadership, and collaboration. MUN has helped me build confidence in myself, and I’ve also made many new friends. Aside from MUN, I am also involved in math, coding, and robotics. I’m excited to meet and work with all of you this year!

Director of Finance

Maggie Yang
Hi! My name is Maggie Yang and I’m your Finance officer for this year! I’m a junior and I joined MUN as a freshman not really knowing too much about it other than that it involved dealing with world issues. Over time, MUN has not only taught me how to speak and negotiate, but also how to research and write quality papers in a limited amount of time. It’s also allowed me to make a variety of friends from varying grade and experience levels, and as a result become more involved in the community as a whole. Although MUN requires a great level of effort and dedication, I strongly believe that every extra minute put into meetings, preparation, and research pays off in the form of skills that will be applicable for many years beyond the club. That being said, I can’t wait to meet and get to know all of you in this next year - if you ever have questions about anything, MUN or even just high school related, feel free to reach out!

Director of Logistics, Webmaster

Jeffrey Meng
Hello! I'm Jeffrey Meng and I'll be a logistics officer & webmaster this year. I'm a senior and I joined MVMUN as a sophomore with the goal of improving my public speaking skills and having fun. I'm glad that I joined Model UN because in addition to improving my speaking skills, it's also let me practice leadership, improve negotiation skills, learn about global affairs, and meet new people. When I'm not doing MUN, you can find me programming, reading, and skiing.

Director of Logistics

Kenneth Shui
Hello everyone! My name is Kenneth Shui, and I’m thrilled to serve as one of the logistics officers this year! I’m currently a junior, and I joined MVMUN as a sophomore with the goal of improving my confidence in public speaking and meeting new people. Even though last year was virtual, I learned so much about MUN and improved my verbal skills a lot. I’m really looking forward to this year’s in-person committees as it is basically vacation without parents. Outside of MUN, I’m also involved in other clubs and competitions, but my biggest hobbies are playing volleyball and singing.

Director of Public Relations

Amy Hu
Hi I am Amy Hu and I am going to be your PR officer this year. I am a junior and joined Model UN in sophomore year seeking to join an inclusive community of open-minded and creative people. When I joined MVMUN, I was blown away at how talented MVMUN members are and I was so excited to be able to contribute to the MVMUN team. After a long year of being hypnotized by zoom, I can’t wait to experience MUN person next year. I hope this year is going to be a blast and I hope you will enjoy MVMUN as much as I have enjoyed it so far. As an officer, I wish to be as approachable as possible so feel free to message me about anything at any time. My Instagram is @amy_whooo and I am always open on discord and messenger!

President of Kennedy, Kennedy/MVMUN Liaison

Elizabeth Lee
Hello! My name is Elizabeth Lee and I’m the Kennedy president and Kennedy/MVMUN liaison this year. I'm currently a senior attending Monta Vista high school, I've been in MVMUN for three years now. Although I've never previously thought of myself as someone good at debate, public speaking, or even politics, MUN has taught me so much about not only international affairs and leadership, but also how to find confidence and determination. From yelling for hours in committee to quiet late night chats, my experiences in MUN have always been some of the most memorable. Outside of MUN, I love music and reading. I look forward to working with all of you this year!

Director of Training

Grace Tan
Hello! I’m Grace Tan and I'll be one of your training officers this year! I’m currently a junior and I joined MUN in seventh grade. Prior to joining MUN, I never pegged myself as much of a public speaker and had very minimal interest in current events and politics, but I grew to enjoy discussing various political issues, both during club meetings and during conferences. Through MUN, I was able to build on my communication and leadership abilities, as well as gain self-confidence. Outside of MUN, I enjoy playing tennis and watching anime. I’m looking forward to meeting everyone this year and feel free to reach out anytime!

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