Who exactly do you contact when you need help? Who is behind those emails to you? That would be us, the secretariat! Get to know us, we’re always looking for new friends!


Charlotte Zhou
Hi, I’m Charlotte and I am MVMUN’s co-president this year! I’m currently a junior and joined MVMUN in freshman year. Through MUN, I got the opportunity to really put myself out there and cultivate lifelong public speaking, negotiation, and leadership skills, and it’s an experience I’d recommend to anyone! Aside from MUN, I’m interested in art and the sciences. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you want for any questions, concerns, or just to talk. I’m looking forward to another exciting year!


Anushka Kumaran
Hi, I’m Anushka and I am co-president of MVMUN this year! I joined MVMUN in my freshman year and I am currently a junior. I’ve always been passionate about public speaking and political science and through Model UN I was able to meet and work with so many amazing people and gain more valuable experience in these fields. My favorite part of MUN is working and discussing global issues with other delegates, learning about different perspectives and gaining a greater understanding of the world around me. Outside of MUN I enjoy baking, volunteering, playing the trumpet and biking! I’m very excited for the coming year and always feel free to reach out to me if you have any questions!

Vice President

Jerry Wang
Hey, I’m Jerry and I’m super excited to be your VP this year! I joined MUN freshman year and after a lot of all-nighters, Model U.N still retains its appeal and enjoyable-ness to me currently as a Junior. I’ve been passionate about public speaking and geography from the beginning––and through Model U.N, I have been able to meet people from all around the world, discussing some of the most important modern day topics that humanity is still working to resolve. MUN really strengthens your ability to think critically, as well as gaining cultural perspectives and being more aware of global issues. Outside of MUN, I really enjoy listening to my favorite music, cooking, as well as socializing. I really hope that you gain some valuable experience from MUN while also enjoying the process; and MUN really is just a community, so we are all here for you!

Vice President

Kathryn Foo
Hey everyone! I’m Kathryn Foo and I’m one of your VPs this year. I joined model un my freshman year and I’ve really found my community here. I’ve so many friends along the way (many shows here) and I’m genuinely so grateful for the people I’ve met along the way. More on me, I love taking photos and reporting on different events, so you might see around with a camera. I also really enjoy reading in my free time and love watching cheesy romance films to pass the time. I’m a total people-person, so if you ever see me around say hi!

Head of Training

Riya Murthy
Hi everyone! I’m Riya and I’m super excited to be your Head of Training this year! I’m currently a junior at MVHS, and have been doing MUN for six years — since my first year of middle school. MUN is a super thrilling experience that alongside teaching you political relationships and real-world issues, allows you to learn about public speaking and coming up with speeches on the fly. Outside of MUN, I enjoy reading, writing (both with El Estoque and doing poetry), as well as editing (for a competition called Polyphony Lit). Looking forward to meeting you all!


Lily Jiang
Hi, I’m Lily and I’m a logistics officer this year! I joined Model UN as a freshman and this is my third year in MUN! My favorite part about MUN is forming resolutions with other delegates and meeting people from different parts of the country/world in the same committee. Outside of MUN, I enjoy binging shows, playing the violin, and hanging out with my dog!


Shreyas Chatterjee
Hello! I am Shreyas, one of MVMUN’s training officers. This is my third year as a MUN delegate. For me, MUN has always been a way to debate important issues while also having fun. I have had the opportunity to meet so many incredible people and hear many imaginative ideas during my time as a delegate. Outside of MUN, I enjoy editing videos, watching stand up comedy, etc. I look forward to meeting all of you!


Dhruv Yadati
Hi! I’m Dhruv and this year’s training officer! I’ve always loved public speaking and just talking with people in general - which is why I joined MUN in the first place! I’ve been doing MUN for two years now and have attended several conferences, discussing with other fellow delegates and crafting creative resolutions that work to solve all sorts of issues in our world today. MUN has allowed me to improve on my critical thinking and public speaking skills and has given me the best opportunity to meet new people and see issues/ideas from different perspectives. I’ve met so many people during my time in MUN and have had the most fun traveling and getting to know new people as a part of my journey. Outside of MUN, I enjoy playing soccer, playing video games, and watching tons of movies/TV shows…I’m excited to meet everyone and have a great year full of fun :)


Dylan Nguyen
Hi, I’m Dylan and I’m your PR officer this year! I joined Model UN in my sophomore year but officially started doing conferences. year. Joining MUN has allowed me to meet so many new people with different backgrounds and has motivated my journey to becoming a better public speaker. My favorite part about MUN would have to be catching up with people outside of conferences and talking to people who are from different cities/countries! Outside of MUN, I enjoy thrifting new clothes, driving to places with friends, and rating new food places! I’m so excited to give you the best year in MUN!


Ethan Kellogg
Hi, my name is Ethan Kellogg and I will be your webmaster this year. I joined model UN as a freshman and have been participating in it for 2 years. At first, I wasn't too sure about model UN as I was a bad speaker. However, I really enjoyed the arguing and debate aspect of model UN so I stuck with it. Other than model UN, I enjoy playing the trombone and programming. I'm excited to help maintain the website so that members will have a better experience with the club.

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