Who exactly do you contact when you need help? Who is behind those emails to you? That would be us, the secretariat! Get to know us, we’re always looking for new friends!


Janelle Cai
Hello! I’m Janelle, and I will be your president this year! I am currently a senior and I’ve been doing MUN for 6 years. Being in Model UN is an amazing experience, and I’ve made so many amazing memories through the club. Through Model UN, I’ve also gotten a better understanding of many topics and issues in our world today, and it has also taught me so many life long skills, such as communication, negotiation, leadership, and collaboration. MUN has helped me build confidence in myself, and I’ve met an amazing community of people through MUN. Aside from MUN, I am also involved in math, coding, and robotics. I’m excited to meet and work with all of you this year!

Vice President

Grace Tan
Hi! I’m Grace, and I'm one of your vice presidents this year! I am currently a senior and I’ve been a part of MUN since seventh grade. During my time in MUN, I’ve become better acquainted with the world by expanding my perspective on global issues and meeting people with diverse opinions. Participating in conferences and weekly club meetings has encouraged me to be a better leader and communicator, and to grow as a person above all else. I’m truly grateful for all the memories and skills that I’ve picked up in MUN, and I’m looking forward to another exciting year with everyone!

Vice President

Maggie Yang
Hi! I’m Maggie, and I will be one of your vice presidents this year. I am currently a senior, and I started MUN in my freshman year. Over the last few years, I’ve gained an invaluable understanding of diplomacy, international affairs, and public speaking through my various experiences. Attending and planning conferences has truly been so rewarding, and I’ve found myself within a community that is both accepting and diverse. I can’t wait to work with all of you this year, and feel free to reach out to me anytime if you have questions about MUN or high school in general!


Riya Murthy
Hi everyone! I’m Riya and I’m super excited to be one of your training officers this year! I’m currently a sophomore at MVHS, and have been doing MUN for five years — since my first year of middle school! MUN is a super thrilling experience that alongside teaching you political relationships and real-world issues, allows you to learn about public speaking and coming up with speeches on the fly. Outside of MUN, I enjoy reading, writing (both with El Estoque and doing poetry), as well as editing (for a competition called Polyphony Lit). Looking forward to meeting you all!


Clay Carson
Hello! My name is Clay and I am excited to be a training officer this year! I am a senior and I joined Model UN last year because I am passionate about global issues and I have past experience with writing and public speaking. Initially, I had no idea what Model UN was, but I decided to try it and it ended up becoming one of my favorite extracurricular activities. Model UN has allowed me to meet new people both at Monta Vista and from other schools at conferences, and helped me build leadership and teamwork skills. In addition to Model UN, I am in Monta Vista’s mock trial and speech clubs, and I do youth orchestra outside of school. I am looking forward to working with everyone this year!


Charlotte Zhou
Hey everyone! I’m Charlotte, one of your logistics officers this year. I’m currently a sophomore and joined MVMUN in freshman year. MUN was something greatly out of my comfort zone at the time, but looking back I don’t regret my decision to take on the challenge at all. MUN is a great opportunity to put yourself out there and practice your public speaking and leadership skills, not to mention learning about current world affairs. Aside from MUN, I’m interested in art and the sciences. Feel free to reach out to me whenever you want for any questions, concerns, or just to talk. I’m excited to get to know you all better!


Anushka Kumaran
Hello everyone! I’m Anushka and I’m very excited to be one of your logistics officers this year! I’m currently a sophomore, and I joined MUN as a freshman last year. I'm so happy I decided to join Model U.N because being a part of it has been a fantastic and incredibly fulfilling experience. I’ve gained a better understanding of several global issues and topics and have also learned to improve my confidence and public speaking skills through Model U.N. MUN has taught me so much this year and I’m so happy to be part of such a wonderful community! Aside from MUN, I’m in marching band, am passionate about environmental science, and love to bake! I’m looking forward to meeting and working with all of you this year!

Public Relations

Kathryn Foo
Hey everyone! I’m Kathryn and I’m excited to be the PR Officer for this year. I’m currently a sophomore and I joined MUN last year as a freshman. Before joining, I only really knew MUN as being the quintessential movie nerd hobby. Now though, I’ve found that, looking back on the experiences I’ve had, MUN has genuinely become my haven for comfort and chaos. Here, I’ve grown my confidence, public-speaking skills, and ability to think on my toes and I can’t wait to see what else MUN has in store for me! Outside of MUN, I’m passionate anything with words: writing (on staff with El Estoque), reading (especially cheesy rom-com), and public-speaking.


Jerry Wang
Hello everyone! I’m Jerry and I’m so excited to serve as MVMUN secretary this year! I’m currently a sophomore, and I joined MUN in my freshman year. Joining MVMUN was singlehandedly a decision that I don’t regret even a single bit, due to how phenomenal my experience with it has been so far. Due to my low confidence in speaking, I was skeptical at first about going to conferences and fully immersing myself in MUN. However, I quickly learned that MUN was totally different from what I had envisioned. Besides getting to speak about issues that I genuinely cared about in front of an audience that shared my passion, I also got to make some of the best memories with the most welcoming MVMUN community. Outside of MUN, I enjoy learning about different cultures, socializing with others, and cooking new recipes. Going to conferences by yourself and speaking in front of an audience may seem daunting at first –– but I assure you that with some help from our meetings and some confidence to try it out, you’ll definitely be the type of delegate that you strive to be in no time!


Kenneth Shui
Hey! I’m Kenneth, and I’m thrilled to serve as your webmaster this year. I’m currently a senior, and joining MVMUN was one of the best decisions I made in high school. Through Model UN, I’ve improved my confidence in public speaking, met so many wonderful people, and broadened my understanding of the world. I’m looking forward to creating some incredible resolutions and memories with you all. Outside of MUN, I love playing volleyball and singing.

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