Stand out from the crowd.

We’re a close-knit community that strives for experiences in leadership, diplomacy, and problem-solving by simulating the United Nations.

Meetings every Thursday at lunch in C107!

Club. Delegation. Community.

Here’s how we stand out — and how you can, too.

Build Lasting Skills

We promote a wide range of skills while debating world affairs and leading others toward global solutions and individual goals. Our club is built around real experiences tackling real-world issues. There's so much more to global politics than giving speeches or debating policies, with nuanced lessons from Model UN veterans and hands-on practice giving you the chance to grow.

  • Develop Your Leadership Skills

    Working with others is a key part of Model UN. Our conferences offer a unique opportunity to practice communicating with others, honing your skills in negotiation, and leading your peers.

  • Think on the Fly

    You might not think of Model UN as a fast-paced activity, but when participating, you always need to stay on your feet, adapt to new challenges, and solve problems in creative ways. But don’t worry, this isn’t as hard as it sounds! With a bit of practice in Model UN, you can learn to think on the fly and overcome any challenge—and it just might help you wing your next class presentation.

  • Learn About the World

    In Model UN, you’ll learn about some of the biggest issues our world faces—and have a chance to come up with real solutions to those issues. In the process, you’ll gain a better understanding of global perspectives by working with delegates from around the world.

Build Lasting Connections

It’s not just the skills you'll learn in Model UN that will stay with you throughout your life; it's the connections as well. Many of us have made new friends—and we promise, you'll fit right in!

  • Make New Friends

    We know most things are more fun when you do them with friends, and Model UN is no exception, and that’s why our club community is central to everything we do. Many of us have made some of our best friends by joining Model UN, and you can too!

  • Join Our Community

    Beyond meeting new friends, at MV Model UN you’ll also be joining a community of not only fellow delegates, but also veterans, mentors, and alumni. No matter who you are, our community is here to support you—don’t be shy!

  • Engaging Meetings

    We know content-heavy meetings can become tedious, which is why we’ve implemented interactive and hands-on activities during each meeting to help learn the material. From small-group discussions to whole-group mock conferences, our meetings are nothing short of fun.

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