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Monta Vista Model UN simulates the United Nations, debating imminent world affairs from unique and often foreign perspectives. If you are an open-minded individual, curious about anything from poverty to civil war, climate change to epidemics, Model UN is the place for you. We offer opportunities to develop your communication and critical thinking skills, and a chance to compete with other schools across the state. Whatever your mission, no matter your level of experience, our officer team is determined to help you succeed. We invite you to join MV Model UN.

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Mission statement

Monta Vista Model United Nations strives to cultivate global citizens who bear an intellectual responsibility to enrich their community.


Who runs the world (or at least the meetings of the world, aka MVMUN)? The secretariat. Always willing to answer your questions should you have them, help you train before conferences, tear apart your plans for a conference just like another country would, and taking care of all the logistics behind the scenes, the secretariat is here to serve you.

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Conferences are the heart of Model United Nations. Whether they are mock conferences, or big, international conferences, they are where you meet new people, present your skills, and bond with other members.

Mock conferences

Hosted by MVMUN, mock conferences are a great start for beginners and a great training ground for delegates of all levels. Interested in trying out a crisis committee, first time in a partnered delgation, or just looking to have some not so competitive debate? Come to a mock!

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Local conferences

A step up from the mock conferences, local conferences allow for competitive debate in an enviornment of generally local schools. These conferences are often hosted by other high schools in the area, or sometimes smaller colleges.

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BMUN (Berkeley)

One of the biggest and most prestigious conferences on the West Coast of the United States, BMUN is an overnight conference in which a delegate is truly tested on the skills that they have acquired throughout the year.

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NAIMUN (North American Invitational)

NAIMUN, hosted by Georgetown University in Washington DC, is the most prestigious conference that we, as MVMUN, attend. Only the best of our delegates are selected to go to NAIMUN, determined by performance at mocks and local conferences. Scattered with interesting topics, intense committee sessions, and occasional midnight crises, NAIMUN is one of the most thrilling experiences a delegate can experience.

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