Kennedy Model UN

MV Model UN has a middle school division for students at Kennedy Middle School! It's the best way to get started with Model UN.

For Parents

Learn about the benefits of having your child join Kennedy Model United Nations by viewing our parent night slideshow here.


The Monta Vista Model UN team brings its middle school division to a variety of conferences which allow its delegates to compete in rigorous policy and debate on a number of pressing and relevant issues. It's a fun and exciting way to apply the skills you've learned!

December 12, 2020 - December 13, 2020 | Lowell High School

SFMUN: San Fransisco Model United Nations

SFMUN is our first conference of the year, held in San Fransisco. SFMUN's smaller committee sizes make it a very beginner friendly conference, and serves as the perfect way to hop into MUN.

January 29, 2021 - January 30, 2021 | Santa Teresa High School

SCVMUN: Silicon Valley Model United Nations Conference

Santa Clara Valley Model United Nations Conference is our largest conference of the year! At SCVMUN, over 1,000 delegates across schools on the west coast compete in rigorous policy and debate on a number of pressing and relevant issues.

Date TBA | Monta Vista High School

SBMUN: South Bay Model United Nations

South Bay Model United Nations Conference is Monta Vista's very own conference! It offers delegates the opportunity to continue practicing MUN skills with other delegates from the Bay Area. MUN conferences are rare in the spring season, so this is a great way for you to keep honing on your MUN abilities.

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Kennedy Team

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Nelson Mu

Hey guys! I'm Nelson Mu, and I'm happy to serve as your President for this year! Although I am a Lawson alum, I have been honored to serve as an officer in KMUN for the last 2 years. Prior to my 3 years of MUN, I had no experience with leadership or communication, and this club really helped me develop those vital skills. Outside of MUN, I like to do volunteering and political advocacy and debate, and when I'm not being a complete nerd I like to chat with people and play video games. I am extremely excited to see how our club's delegates grow, not just as competitors, but as people. I will also be working to ensure that the year offers as many experiences for fun and growth as it did for me the last three years!

Training and PR

Elizabeth Lee

Hello! I'm Elizabeth and I'll be your training and PR director for this upcoming year! I'm currently a junior attending Monta Vista high school, I've been in MVMUN for three years now. Although I've never previously thought of myself as someone good at debate, public speaking, or even politics, MUN has taught me so much about not only international affairs, but also how to find confidence and determination. From yelling for hours in committee to quiet late night chats, my experiences in MUN have always been some of the most memorable. Outside of MUN, I enjoy chatting with her friends, crocheting, and baking. I'm looking forward to meeting all of you and helping you learn some new skills, and have a lot of fun!


Janelle Cai

Hey everyone! I’m Janelle and I’ll be your logistics officer this year. I’m currently a sophomore and I’ve been doing MUN since I was in 7th grade. Being in MUN has taught me so much about communication, leadership, and working with others, and it’s given me a better understanding of so many different topics and issues in our world today. Outside of MUN, I’m involved in math, coding, and robotics. I’m excited to work with all of you this year!

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