The secretariat (aka the officer team)

Who exactly do you contact when you need help? Who is behind those emails to you? That would be us, the secretariat! get to know us, we're always looking for friends :)

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Co-Secretary General - Jiani Tian

Hey everyone! My name is Jiani Tian, a senior at Monta Vista, and I couldn’t be more excited to be serving as your co-president for MUN this year! I stumbled upon the club freshman year with pure luck. I walked past the interest meeting, and remembering the Parks and Rec episode where they highlighted the MUN club, decided to stay and listen to the meeting. However, this accidental event has led to me dedicating most of my high school time to this wonderful club! MUN is a club where you are not only able to explore your academic interests, but also create friendships that would last throughout high school and beyond. MUN has truly helped shape me as a person and help me decide what I want to pursue in the future. Besides from MUN, I also play volleyball, draw, and help out at the local non-profit for visually impaired youth. Feel free to contact me if you have any questions about MUN or high school!

Co-Secretary General - Parth Asawa

Hi everyone! My name is Parth Asawa, and I’m excited to serve as your Co-President this year! I joined MVMUN as a freshman, and doing so has been one of the best decisions I’ve made in high school so far. Perhaps two of the most alluring aspects of MVMUN, are the intense (but fun!) nature of competitions, in addition to the close friendships built among the team. I look forward to getting to know everybody this year, and hope to help make your MUN journeys incredible! Outside of MUN, I’m involved in Math and Physics competitions and clubs, and love playing basketball and frisbee recreationally with my friends.

Vice President - Nelson Mu

Hey guys! I’m Nelson Mu, and I’m in 11th grade. I’ve been in MUN for two years now. Prior to joining MUN, I had little public speaking or debating experience, and MUN really helped me get started both with those skills, as well as fostered my interest in geopolitics as a whole. As your vice president for the 2019-2020 school year, and having served as a training officer last year, I am extremely excited to see how our club’s delegates grow, not just as competitors, but as people. I will also be working to ensure that the year offers as many experiences for fun and growth as it did for me the last two years! You’ll find me frequently running around campus like a headless chicken trying to run errands, or chilling and doing (un)procrastinated homework. One of the best parts of MUN for me has been all the new chances I got to meet people and learn about how to guide public policy, like making solutions such as the “No U” Martian directive. I hope to see you next year in MUN!

Under Secretary Generals

Training - Arthur Ji

Hey people! My name is Arthur Ji and I’m going to be a senior this year at Monta Vista and a training officer alongside Sean. Joining MUN during my sophomore year was one of the best decisions I’ve made my entire high school career. Model UN has taught me how to collaborate with others, speak in front of others with confidence, and direct others in positions of leadership. It also gives you the opportunity to connect with awesome people both in the area and around the world, and make long-lasting memories with others! In my free time, I also enjoy reading up on the latest political and financial news, playing video games, and playing piano! I look forward to meeting all of you prospective delegates!

Training - Sean Chen

What’s up y’all, training officer Sean at your service. I have spent the past two years in MUN pouring over every little detail that makes this activity so addicting. Of course I did not spend two years and countless hours here reflecting alone. That time is interspersed with late night chats, life-changing meals, and knock-down discussions with many other indescribable personalities of this club. I refuse to believe that I have found all the answers yet, but I hope to share the ones I have pieced together and pass down some wisdom from this old soul. Most importantly, I want you all to acquire the kinds of memories and experiences that have been gifted to me by being a part of this club. My first words of advice: don’t be shy or afraid to ask questions. I can personally talk about MUN, world events, food, life, for hours, even late at night after conferences. Catch me whenever if you want to chat, you can spare me from having to do other work.

Logistics - Jeffrey Liu

Hey everyone! My name is Jeffrey Liu and I am a junior at Monta Vista High School. I joined Model United Nations in freshman year and, due to the unique experience and the many great memories I’ve made with my fellow club members, have been here since. I will be filling the role of Logistics officer alongside Iman to make your conferences and experience at MUN run without a hitch! As for more about myself, in my free time, I enjoy reading and talking with friends. I hope to have a successful year with everyone and look forward to a new year of MUN filled with awards and learning experiences!

Logistics - Sylvia LI

Hi everyone! I’m Sylvia Li and I’m excited to be one of your Logs officers for this year. I’m a sophomore and I have been in MUN since 8th grade, and although at the time I had no idea what I was getting myself into, I’ve grown fond of this club and all the people I’ve become friends with. I joined (and stayed) in MUN because of my curiosity towards (and frustration with) world issues, despite the fact that my public speaking skills may not have been the best. MUN has pushed me to improve myself, whether self-confidence related, or creating strong rebuttal arguments in under 30 seconds, and I truly believe the time and effort put into this club is worth it. Outside of MUN, I’m a part of Color Guard, Track and Field, and I love working on projects with my friends.

Logistics - Nathan Wang

Hey guys! I'm Nathan, and I couldn't be happier to be your logistics officer next year! I started my MUN adventure in 8th grade and I have had a blast screaming at other delegates as we hammered out a resolution just a few minutes before the deadline (this is not recommended :P). I hope you will have a wonderful time in MUN as you write resolutions, win awards, and most importantly: enjoy yourselves!

Finance - Dylan Yang

Hello! I’m Dylan Yang and I’m honored to be serving as one of your finance officers for the 2019/20 school year, along with the wonderful David Dang. I hope that throughout the course of this year I will be able to share my passion for Model UN with you, or rather, more importantly, help enable you to find your own passion for MUN. I started doing MUN as an eighth grader, and over time I’ve grown to appreciate this activity more and more, not just for the memories it has provided but also for the skills I have learned. My other interests include playing the piano and learning chemistry.

Finance - David Dang

Hey guys. My name is David Dang and I’m a senior at Monta Vista. I joined Model United Nations with a desire to spend my time better and it’s become one of my favorite activities to do during the year, due to the bonds you make and the experiences you get at conferences. I run finance along with Dylan, but you can still talk to me about anything.

PR - Alekhya Natarajan

Hi everyone! I'm Alekhya, and I'm a part of the Public Relations branch on the MUN officer team this year. I love MUN because it's a really fun to work with other people to come to a resolution for some of the world's most pressing issues. Being a part of this club has led to so many amazing moments and friendships that I am so grateful for, and I can't wait for my fourth and final year of MUN. Outside of MUN, I love doing art and volunteering, and I would love to talk to you guys about either of these things or just about life in general! :))

Training - Brandon Guo