The secretariat (aka the officer team)

Who exactly do you contact when you need help? Who is behind those emails to you? That would be us, the secretariat! get to know us, we're always looking for friends :)

Co-Secretary General - Eric Wang

Hello, I am the Secretary General (president) of Monta Vista's Model United Nations team. I first joined MUN in my sophomore year to build upon my speech and debate experience in middle school. Since then, MUN has become a passion and the team, my family. I'm excited to share my experiences with you and hope to make your MUN journey an incredible one. Aside from MUN, I run on the cross country team although sometimes you may not see me running with the team because I've been injured three of the four years I have run.

co-secretary general - amit chandramouly

Hi everyone! My name is Amit Chandramouly and I will be serving as your President for the course of this academic year of 2018-2019. I began my journey with Model UN at my small public school in India in the 7th grade, and it has proved to be a wonderful and rewarding journey over the course of the last 4 years, as I’ve learnt the intricacies of international relations, team building, diplomacy, and foreign policy. I’m an incredibly goal oriented and competitive person by nature, and my experience with Model UN has given me an outlet for my personality and interests. I’m very proud of how far MV MUN has come in the last few years, and I’m honored to be leading us into more conferences this year as we further learn, grow and continue to be one of the Best Delegations in the United States.

Secretary General of Kennedy - Sarah Feng

Sarah is the Secretary General of our Kennedy Middle School branch. She has extensive experience in Model United Nations and is excited to train our youngest cohort of delegates.

Deputy Secretary-General - Jiani Tian

Hey, my name is Jiani Tian, and I am beyond excited to serve as MV MUN’s Vice President for the 2018-2019 school year! I joined MUN when I was a freshmen, and now as a junior, I still love the club with the same passion as I did freshmen year. I joined MUN because I have always had a passion for public speaking and international diplomacy, and I felt like MUN was the perfect club for me to expand my skills in. I have made so many new friends in MUN, and it has truly become my second family. Besides from MUN, I love spending time with my cat, Suki, and just doing things that make me happy. I love music and movies, especially cheesy romantic films, and I also am a strong anime enthusiast!

Under Secretary Generals

Training - Arthur Ji

Hi everyone! I’m Arthur Ji, and I am currently a junior at Monta Vista. I joined MUN when I was in my sophomore year, and it has been a wonderful experience so far. This year, I will be serving as your Training officer alongside Nelson and Brandon, and we hope to teach you every ounce of knowledge we have about MUN and direct you towards success. MUN is a great club; it teaches you about geopolitics, as well as essentials such as communication, collaboration, and analysis. Besides MUN, I also am planning to compete in DECA and Speech and Debate (Parli is not a meme). Besides these, I also enjoy annoying my friends, making pointless debates over politics, and reading memes.

Training - Brandon Guo

Hello! My name is Brandon Guo and I’m currently a junior at MV. I joined MUN in my freshman year, and have been enjoying the club ever since. I’ve been to conferences all over California, and even in Washington DC! What I enjoy the most about the club is the family-like nature of the club, every member knows each other intimately, and this is often absent in other “debate” clubs. Because of MUN, I have evolved into a confident public speaker and negotiator, truly an important skill. Outside of the club, I play club soccer, am part of the San Jose Symphony, and enjoy tackling challenging physics problems.

Training - Nelson Mu

Hey guys! I’m Nelson Mu, and I’m in tenth grade, and as it stands, I only have one year of MUN and public speaking experience. Coming from Lawson Middle School (definitely better than Kennedy!), I had very few opportunities to practice public speaking and debating, but MUN gave me a great chance to develop those skills. As one of your training officers for the 2018-2019 school year, I am extremely excited to see how our club’s delegates grow, not just as competitors, but as people. Of course, I’m not always that sentimental; one of my few hobbies is bantering and making memes. You’ll commonly find me around campus cracking jokes, most of which are PG (!!!), and using my signature phrase “no u” (the best comeback, I swear). The best part of MUN for me has been all the new chances I got to meet people and learn about how to guide public policy, like making solutions such as the “No U” Martian directive. I hope to see you next year in MUN!

Logistics - Jeffrey Liu

Hey everyone! My name is Jeffrey Liu and I am a junior at Monta Vista High School. I joined Model United Nations in freshman year and, due to the unique experience and the many great memories I’ve made with my fellow club members, have been here since. I will be filling the role of Logistics officer alongside Iman to make your conferences and experience at MUN run without a hitch! As for more about myself, in my free time, I enjoy reading and talking with friends. I hope to have a successful year with everyone and look forward to a new year of MUN filled with awards and learning experiences!

Logistics - Iman Malik

Hey guys! My name is Iman Malik and I am excited to be one of your logistics officers this year. I am a sophomore at MV and I have been doing MUN since my freshman year. I joined MUN because I have always loved public speaking, and I was eager to find solutions to problems faced around the world. I am happy to say that my experience in MUN exceeded all my expectations, and I’ve made some amazing friends and memories along the way. Besides MUN, I also enjoy debate, reading, eating, and adding memes to my meme folder.

Finance - Parth Asawa

Hi everyone! My name is Parth Asawa, and I’m thrilled to be one of your finance officers for the 2018-19 school year! I’m currently a sophomore at MV, and started MUN my freshman year, with 0 clue of what went on in the UN (except those random treaties). I joined MUN as I always had a passion for public speaking, but I wasn’t interested in something monotonous like Speech or Debate. MUN wasn’t just about public speaking, it also was about how politics works around the world, and that fascinated me. Throughout MUN, I’ve had many great experiences, whether it be late night ice cream stops in Los Angeles, or carpooling to SMUNC, every time I only fall more in love with it. Besides MUN, I’m also an officer of the Math and Science club, and am involved in various Math and Physics Competitions.

Finance - David Dang

Hey everyone! I’m currently a sophomore attending Monta Vista High School, having joined in my freshman year. MUN was the first club I joined, all because I heard about it from a friend of my older brother that did it years ago, and I have yet to regret it. MUN is, without a doubt in my mind, the best club for expanding your view on the world while still letting you mess around with your friends in that special, indescribable way. I also play video games, eat weird stuff like mushroom ice cream, and read books about dictators, space, heroes, etc. If you have any questions, or are just bored, feel free to talk to me.

PR - Alekhya Natarajan

Hey everyone! My name’s Alekhya Natarajan and I’m currently a junior at MV. I joined MUN as a freshman, and over the past couple of years, I have fallen more and more in love with the club with each conference I attend. For me, MUN is the perfect combination of public speaking and fierce debate with an additional element of interacting with other delegates that are equally passionate about the club. My favorite part about the club is without a doubt getting to know new people and getting to be part of the family that is MVMUN. Apart from MUN, I also enjoy volunteering, debate, and especially mint chocolate chip ice cream!

PR - Joshua Onozowa

Ciao! My name is Joshua Onozawa, and I am a senior at MV. When I joined the club three years ago, I had no idea about international affairs and the functions of the UN. However, after competing and researching, the club helped me gain interest in foreign affairs and intercultural relations. The club also helped me develop public speaking skills, an ability that is important in today’s world. Outside of MUN, I love to dance, sing, and play smash. My mains are ROB, Mr. GW, and Kirby.

secretary - vikramaditya (ditto) rajpal

Hi everyone! My name is Vikramaditya Rajpal and I’m delighted to serve as your Secretary for the 2018-2019 school year! I joined MUN my freshmen year and have loved ever since. The reason I joined MUN is due to my curiosity with international news varying from many topics. Coming in I had no idea what to do, but after a couple of conferences I knew that this club is something that will be a part of me forever. Thanks to MUN, I was able to overcome my fear of talking in public and expand my writing skills in committee and out. I realized that MUN isn’t just a club, it’s another family that I am a part of. Other activities that I like to do along with MUN is playing music in MVHS’s Wind Ensemble and marching band, spending time with my friends, watching Netflix and movies, and an avid follower of any Bay Area sports team.