The other side of the secretariat

Who is behind those emails to you? Not the side on the secretariat page, who are they on the inside? This is a special edition of MVMUN EXPOSED.

Jiani Tian

Jiani Tian might be well-known by other delegates as a MUN God, but on the officer team, she is better known for being a connoisseur of all things anime – her favorite being Bungou Stray Dogs, which she has cried over (multiple times). Although this is her favorite show, she actually doesn't like dogs at all and instead is the proud owner of her cat Suki. Suki is probably the most important member of the Tian family; she and Jiani often go on hikes together, swim at the beach, play volleyball, or thirst over Odell Beckham, Jr., their favorite basketball player. She and Suki both are convinced that Jiani and OBJ with fall in love one day and start a beautiful family, full of love, laughter, and cats.

Parth Asawa

Nicholas Chen is perhaps best known in the MUN sphere for his numerous and diverse set of verbals, including not one but two NAIMUN verbals. You may see delegates pointing him out throughout breaks and committee sessions as the "verbal guy" due to the spiciness of verbal memes he's in (highlights include meme1 and meme2 ). Apart from verbaling at conferences, Nicholas enjoys petting eagles, spreading Marxist beliefs at Philosophy Club, and coding videogames to keep officers entertained at summer meetings.

subordinates and not as powerful people

Alekhya Natarjan

While this girl might not seem it, her total height of 5’1”? Is able to produce the most fire and sass out of anyone in the officer team. Not only is she sassy, but Alekhya’s quirky personality is also something to notice. A frequent thrifter, approximately 85% of her closet are thrifted, and she is determined to raise that percentage. In her free time, she likes to listen to the High School Musical soundtrack while sending Jiani screenshots of men (only Zac Efron). Despite her constant thirst for celebrities, Alekhya is actually in a committed relationship. Her and her candle have been in a wonderful, loving, and stable relationship for numerous months now, and no end is near! Keep up with their love chronicles by following @litcandlezz on Instagram :)

Dylan Yang

While it may seem like Dylan spends most of his free time writing formal emails or position papers of envy-inspiring lengths, he also has a knack for printing single sided, owning two identical roller backpacks (and using one as a suitcase), and dressing rather formally in casual settings. In his free time, he enjoys listening to podcasts, and in particular (unsurprisingly), those about news and politics. Recently, he’s picked up non-fiction reading as well. Although Dylan has a tendency to downplay his OP abilities or achievements, and describe his hobbies as “boring”, he’s actually a very interesting human being with valid hobbies, even if sometimes he doesn’t wake up for breakfast on time.

Sean Chen

Ahhh Sean. I have honestly no clue where this guy draws his energy from, but he literally d o e s n o t s t o p t h e g r i n d. From running around shouting errrr PG things, to inhaling what would normally feed a whole family for a year in one go, he never ceases to simultaneously scare and impress people. Frequently, Sean can be found spending obscene amounts of time on MUN (he says I over work myself; as if!) and looking up only the spiciest and hottest conferences all around the observable and unobservable universe. If you ever want to trigger him, drop the thicc “Room 617” or “Kalua Pork Fries” and you’ll be sure to get a hearty laugh from that timeless story (oops).

Nelson Mu

Nelson is one of those boys that you’ll spot sitting at a desolate part of the hallway looking directly downward at his phone likely playing some new battle royale phone game. Surrounding him are his comrades, compadres, cohorts all strangely chuckling to themselves. Hopefully you see this Nelson before you come to a meeting. Then you don’t have to go the other way around in getting to know Nelson. The Nelson most people see is at meetings leading those iconic one way conversations, but there is more to this man than meets the eyes and ears. For instance, combine those two words at the beginning of the last sentence and then a ‘t’ after the ‘s’ and paste that after ‘’ and just a few months ago you could have uncovered a motherload of the hottest content on that website. Those one way conversations are just the beginning of the journey to the center of nelson’s mind and back out. Here are some other insights that can kickstart anyone’s relationship with Nelson: at conferences he will ‘sleep’ in bed with all of the lamp lights in the hotel room on and perhaps diffuse into another dimension before five minutes later suddenly sitting up erect and saying some variation of: “Alright, got to get some work done,” he says that food is just fuel and will inhale his fuel to power that large machine of his but when he is introduced to a sublime dish he will then admit “yeah, this is pretty good,” and most crucially he is always down to roast some liberals.


Brandon: While Brandon occasionally spends the time to gavel at GMUNC, his true focus in life is statistics (specifically the field of web development). Over the past few years, Brandon (properly known as bguo) has developed an affection for two things: tagging on Facebook and web development (sample works:, Brandon claims he is a soccer goalie, but his real passion is for street basketball, where he likes to imitate the joker by biking aggressively and shooting three pointers. #YangGang2020

PR Auxilary - Karl "ded" Goeltner

Karl Goeltner, more commonly know in MUN as “speech spy” is a Junior that probably spends most of his time thinking about how speech is better than MUN. Some of his specialties, are speech, MUN, and doing his homework during meetings instead of paying attention. Although he is a part of the public relations branch, his poster and flyer making skills are limited, which leaves this difficult skill to his wonderful partner, Jiani Tian. If you ever need help from him, he’ll most likely be somewhere near speech people, watching Game of Thrones, or participating with MUN but secretly thinking about speech.

PR Auxilary - Jiani "anime freak" Tian

Commonly found glued at a screen of the latest romance anime episode, Jiani Tian is obsessed with every single anime in existence. When she is not stuck making posters ;), Jiani is often found dancing on the volleyball courts, yet still for some reason, is unable to hit the ball! Perhaps she is thinking of that latest Bungou Stray Dogs episode! Besides her incessant need to constantly indulge in glittery-eyed characters with random superpowers, Jiani loves K-POP - to a very scary extreme. Sometimes she can be seen in the back of the classroom bursting into the latest K-POP song...

Secretary and Mentors

Secretary - David "Waiting for World War III" Dang

David "Waiting for World War III" Dang is sometimes known as the resident tryhard dictator of Monta Vista. He claims to be a cold, intelligent, emotionless machine, but can’t spell the word “weird” correctly, and claims to be a strong supporter of Chairman Mao, even though he never knew him in person, hasn't read any of his works, and can't write his name in Chinese. He desperately wants to rule the world, but secretly, he fears that he'll just be another white collar worker to slave away for their entire life, and never amounts to anything else.

Mentor - Alekhya “Still Waiting to become a Disney star” Natarajan

Alekhya Natarajan tries just a little too hard to be the coolest person in the room. She actually spends a concerning amount of time obsessing over old Disney movies and imagining what life would be like if she knew Zac Efron. She also seems weirdly happy all the time, but it could just be the copious amounts of caffeine that she consumes and the adrenaline she’s (disturbingly) always filled with. Someday, she hopes to go live in Canada and eat really good maple syrup with very humble lumberjacks forever.

Mentor - Jeffrey "sleep-deprived" Liu

Jeffrey Liu is a sleep-deprived child that doesn't take showers very often. In fact, he once survived a 5-day MUN without showering at all! Otherwise, he loves watching movies during committee and likes to browse Facebook when he isn't supposed to.

Mentor - Brandon "salty" Guo

Oh, how to begin with Brandon Guo, affectionately known as bguo. He truly is one of a kind. Here in MV, salt is one of the prevalent words EVER. Well, bguo brings it to a whole new level. With his streak as a two time silent gavel winner at SMUNC, he is the peak, the epitome, the apotheosis, the embodiment, the essence, the ultimate salt god (thank the lord for Winner of the 2017 “Saltiest delegate,” there has NEVER someone as salty as him. But through his salt, last year’s officer team decided to pair him up with actually op people, looking at you Nick Chen, in order to quell his saltiness. So don’t let his award streak impress you! With his inability to tie a tie, as well as being a traitor to MUN by being a part of Speech and Debate, bguo is a true meme.